Tuesday, 1 July 2008

My London Palladium Memories

Here's a link to a site that has put up a few paragraphs by me. It's a fantastic, comprehensive site dedicated to our British theatrical institution of 'pantomime': that's a family Xmas show based on a fairytale where good battles evil and the princess always marries the prince at the end. For most people it's their first experience of theatre as children so holds a special place in their memories.

My first job ever was aged 10, starring at the London Palladium in the title role in the pantomime 'Babes In The Wood'. You can read about it at the site's homepage http://www.its-behind-you.com/ and click on the part where my name comes up or go direct to the page itself http://www.its-behind-you.com/babestale.html

The article itself just talks about the positive side of the experience, not, as I've written in my autobiography, about the then hidden, sinister side. I would go on stage twice a day in front of thousands of people and act out scenes where our 'wicked uncle' would try and murder my 'stage brother' and I, then I'd go home to where my parents would regularly take my real brother and I to the very edges of death...and they all wondered how I could act the part on stage so well...

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